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Please email Lori O’Dell confirmation receipt of your USAG renewal.
CPE Forms due to Kathy Lopes NOW! Please get you CPE turned in if you want to judge this season!
Rating Cards due to Lori O'Dell by August 1st
NAWGJ and USAG memberships are due on July 31.


NEWS October 22, 2018

Hello NorCal Judges,

We are now able to submit for reimbursement for your expenses related to education by filling out this form and uploading your receipts. This can all be done electronically. You can take a picture of your receipt and upload it. There is a place in the form to do this.

NAWGJ NorCal Educational Reimbursement Form NAWGJ NorCal Educational Reimbursement Form

Thank you!

NEWS August 27, 2017

Get Prepared For The New Assigning System
Starting with the 2018 Optional season, we will begin the transition to a new availability and assigning system called GymJAS. You will be hearing more about this soon but you should start getting familiar with the system by following the instructions linked below.
NAWGJ NorCal GymJAS Assigning Instructions
Click here to go to the GymJAS site.

Judges Cup

Thanks to all the judges that helped make this year's Judges Cup a huge success!!

October 11, 2016

National Judges Cup Qualifier - Dec 10-11, 2016
Hope everyone is enjoying the compulsory season. Please find the information below for:
Level 7 NorCal National Judges Cup Qualifier
Xcel Critique and Xcel Roundtable Discussion
Region One High Skills Clinic with Linda Thorberg and Level 6-10 Critique

Region 1 Optional Base Score Clinic (12/4/16) & Judges Certification Exam (12/3/16)
Clinic and Exam Information
Register Here for the Clinic
To register for the exam you must register on the USAG website.

September 9, 2016

Join-A-Judge Month
September is Join-A-Judge Month again for Compulsory season. If you are a new judge, experienced judge…ANY judge-you can choose one meet during the month of September to attend and practice judge, and NAWGJ NorCal will cover your travel expenses. Simply look up the meets on our Assignments page, and email the meet ref and myself the day you would like to attend so we can make sure everyone is aware of your plan. You will be expected to be in judging attire (white shirt, navy blue pants) and be present for the duration of each session on that day. And a reminder that you are welcome to practice judge at ANY point during the season, at ANY meet, as long as the same procedure is followed. It's just that in September, NAWGJ NorCal will foot the bill for your travel for the meet of your choice.

Judges Exam - Sunday, December 18th, 2016
We will be holding a judges exam on Sunday, December 18th, at the Recreational Sports Facility at UC Berkeley again. Times will depend on how many levels and how many people will be testing. With that being said, we would like to know by Sunday, September 18th, who is interested in testing so we can plan the times, give numbers and paperwork to Connie, and get this up on the USAG website. Please send an email to Lori O'Dell with the following information:

First and Last Name
Level you would like to test
Specify: "Written", "Practical" or "Both"
Also specify which attempt you are making…ex: "1st, 2nd, etc."

Please pass the word along to any prospects…coaches, retired gymnasts, etc. Despite how big our judging pool is in NorCal, we still have holes in our schedule because we have so many meets! We always need new judges on our roster.

New NCAA Forms and Manuals for 2017
Head over to the NCAA page for updated forms for the 2017 season.

Latest Rules & Policies
The latest Rules & Policies can always be downloaded from this USA Gymnastics website page.

March 3, 2016

Xcel Quiz - Leesa Berahovich

JAN. 10, 2016 - Presenting your 2016 National Judges Cup 1st Place Team Champions-NorCal!

Not only did NorCal win, but they were also the only team to score a 190 or above!
It was a very exciting two sessions, and it came down to the last event in the second session. read more





Our NorCal High Skills Clinic was a big success! read more


NEWS JAN. 6, 2016 - Mileage Rate is now $.54

Jeri Foley's Multi Session Fee Calculation Forms (4 forms)

The 1st Annual NorCal TrainAway at Woodward West was phenomenal! Level 9 & 10 athletes, coaches, judges and staff from across the country convened for one weekend of unforgettable knowledge, bonding and fun. I am so happy I was able to attend and contribute as our SJD. One huge thank you to Donna Franzini who was instrumental in this past weekend's success, Evelyn our SAC, Bill Strom and NorCal Gymnastics, CCGI for the fabulous food, and all the clinicians who worked so hard to make this weekend happen! I can't wait to go back next year! Lori


NorCal Athletes and NorCal Staff


Woodward West Entrance and DANCE! Below - Staff dinner

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Sept. 13, 2015
Vault Balk Clarification read more

Sept. 11, 2015
Judges Cup Qualifier Info-December 12th and 13th
Judges Cup L7 Qualifier
L6-10 Critique
Xcel Critique

As discussed at Judges Cup, NAWGJ NorCal will be having "Join-a-Judge" month in September. Anyone who would like to practice judge can choose one meet in September to attend and have their mileage paid for by NAWGJ NorCal. READ MORE

2015 NAWGJ Judge’s Cup was a huge success! With our largest number of athletes to date, the weekend went extremely well. A huge thank you to P.J., Cheré, Jeri, Mo, Kat and our education committee, and all of our judges and staff who volunteered their time for this event. This meet is always a fun way to kick off the NorCal competition season, and the baseball theme was a home run!

Our judges looking sharp in their baseball uniforms:

Training our new judges.

And we loved seeing our athletes sporting their favorite baseball attire!

All of our girls got to meet our mascot, Giselle the Giraffe! See her up there with the girls on the awards stand?

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Thank you, again, for a wonderful weekend NorCal!

NAWGJ National SJD Meeting- July 2015
What a fantastic time I had at the National SJD Conference in Broomfield, CO! It was fun to meet SJDs from across the country, as well as interact with the National Governing Board. And a special thank you to the National Governing Board for all of the hard work they do! It is incredible how much volunteer time gymnastics judges devote to their craft. We had a lot of meetings…a lot!! But they were full of beneficial brainstorming activities, educational tools, laughter, and great food. NorCal and Region 1 were all present, and did a wonderful job representing our fine judges. I’m looking forward to sharing with the new board and all of our members the ideas and conversations we had.

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The Tom Koll clinic was a big hit! Entertaining as usual, and very informative, Tom broke down every single part of the Level 3, 4 and 5 floor routine with the help of live demonstrators. Special thanks to Tom, Dan Alch, Nastia Liukin, Black Diamond Gymnastics, Jeri Foley, and all of our coaches, judges and athletes in attendance who helped make this day a huge success.

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JUNE 26, 2015

New!! Click here for the latest Xcel National Committee meeting minutes.

6-17-15 New!! Please follow the links below to find material covered in the June 6th Clinic, conducted by Brant Lutska and Linda Thorberg. The first link is to the Meet Director Powerpoint presented by Lutska, and the second link is to the official and now approved JO Committee Meeting minutes reviewed in our clinic.

Brant Lustska's Presentation
JO Committee Meeting Minutes

June 6: The NorCal Coaching/Judging Clinic this past weekend was a success! Thank you to all who attended, and a very special thank you to Perry Siu and NorCal Gymnastics, Maureen Koehler, Donna Franzini, Jennifer Krause and Champion Gymnastics, and Cheré Tamura. Updates and information from the clinicians will be posted here soon so keep checking!


Our outgoing SJD, Maureen Koehler (“Mo”), was honored at the NorCal General meeting this past Saturday, June 6th, with a beautiful gift of appreciation from the NAWGJ NorCal Board, as well as a standing ovation from the membership for her service to NorCal NAWGJ and NorCal Gymnastics for the past four years. Her commitment and dedication to the sport is obvious in all she does, and we cannot thank her enough for her time. Mo’s energy, enthusiasm, wit and intelligence has made us all sit a little more comfortable at meets and at home in our gyms, and we will miss her terribly! NorCal NAWGJ and NorCal Gymnastics wishes you the best!

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3-10-15 USA Gymnastics website now has links for Judges!  Check them out!
https://usagym.org/pages/women/pages/judging.html http://issuu.com/usagymnastics/docs/howtoguide-judgingweb

Uniform reminder for Judges!
Please make sure that you are respecting the NAWGJ uniform of Navy blue pants and White shirts when judging meets. It's important that we look professional and tidy while we are judging. NAWGJ jackets are required for State meets and above, so make sure that you are ready for the big day. Thanks so much!

Interesting Info:

20 Thoughts That go Through Your Head Before a Gymnastics Meet: Parent, Gymnast, Coach, Judge and Meet Director Perspectives read more

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