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NCATA Updates

By NAWGJ NorCal, 10/31/20, 12:00PM PDT



The NCATA continues to evaluate the best course of action for the safety of all officials for the upcoming season.  As we continue to navigate through COVID-19, our goal is to create protocols that are based upon the best available information at the time.  Measures may be adapted to ensure that all meet participants are following CDC, NCAA and local health guidelines while at NCATA meets

NCATA Head Official 2021 Information

To successfully implement COVID-19 safety practices, the head official’s responsibilities and how the meet will run will be impacted. However, because of the fluid nature of the virus, the NCATA Head Official training will be moved to January 2021.  The delay in Head Officials training will hopefully allow a clearer picture of the season and allow time to shift the pre-COVID practices to match multiple health guidelines.

Officials assigning will still occur in early December.  Protocols are in the final stages of review and will be available to review prior to accepting meet assignments. 

As referenced in training, universal masking and physical distancing measures are feasible in Acrobatics & Tumbling and will be central to COVID-19 protocol.  In addition to facility and team related modifications, protocols related to officials will also address:

  • Spacing and potential formation adjustment of officials at the officials table.
  • Reduction of paper passed between officials or complete transition to paperless methods to complete meet forms and other paperwork.
  • Distribution of scores in meet to institutional event staff.
  • Travel considerations.
  • Guidance for all meet related meetings.

Prior to being assigned as a Head Official, please access the following link and complete a short form by Wednesday, November 6, 2020.
NCATA Head Official Check-in: