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NCAA Assigning Information

By NAWGJ NorCal, 10/29/20, 12:00PM PDT


NCAA Information Updated 11/23/2021

NCAA Assigning Information

223  judges were able to attend the NAWGJ Virtual NCAA Clinic  November 22. Not all the Chat questions were able to be addressed.  If you have others, please contact:
Vaulting: Paul Padron -
Balance Beam: Linda Thorberg -
Floor Exercise: Priscilla Hickey -
General and Bars:  Cookie Batsche -
JAS – assigning and written exam: Lois Colburn at
The email for judging assignments has been fixed.  You can always go to RoadtoNationals/jas and look on the Dashboard/Assignments link on the left.  Assignments for January 8 – 18 are being made now and we will start on the rest, hopefully, on November 30th.  
Written test questions:
• Exam score: After Question 50 is complete, click on “Next”, you will see your results at the top of the next page.
• You can then review the questions and answers.
• You do not receive an e-mail that you have passed, but if you click on the Collegiate Practice Exam link you will see a note that says. “You already passed. Try again for practice”
Hint:  Due to the inconsistency of Internet service these days, we suggest you keep a list of your answers on a separate piece of paper.  Then if you are disconnected and lose the exam you will have your letter answers to re-enter without having to re-read every question.  This seems to be happening more often than we would like.
A recording of the full Sunday Webinar session will be on the web page soon.  You can also go to the NAWGJ You Tube channel
to review the 2017-2018 routines that were used.  Ignore those Start Values and scores.  
Due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID 19, many colleges and NCAA gymnastics conferences are having a difficult time scheduling their gymnastics meets for this season.  They often must wait for Fall sports to be brought into the winter season, and review by Athletic administrators and university medical committees.
We appreciate that this waiting is difficult and that judges would like to know  what meets they are judging.  As your life schedule changes, make sure to update your availability in JAS.  Register for the NAWGJ virtual NCAA clinic December 13th.