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NCAA Assigning Information

By NAWGJ NorCal, 09/25/20, 12:00PM HST


NCAA Assigning Information

Welcome to the 2021 NCAA season.

The JAS Assigners were originally supposed to start assigning judges on October 1st.   A month ago, the coaches’ association (WCGA) asked us, due to COVID scheduling issues, to delay the start date.   We moved it to October 16th and may need to move it again.   There are only 25 meets entered in JAS.   Last season we had 372 collegiate meets.   As meets have been entered the Assigners have started organizing the judges for them off-line. 


As of September 25th, there are 430 judges in the JAS system, but 50 judges have at least one of the three forms to fill out.   24 have not filled out any form.   It is time to complete the process.   You can change your availability at any time.